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Case study roundup January 2023

Our new case study roundup for LGIU members and Global Local subscribers. Read notable practice highlights from our Daily News service and see case studies from our articles and briefings you may have missed.

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England policy round-up: December 2022 and January 2023

This policy round-up for England looks at policy announcements and publications from December 2022 and January 2023. After the hiatus of the summer and turmoil of early autumn, government departments are getting back to the usual rhythm of policy business, and there have been some significant announcements.

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A council planned night out? You’re having a laugh.

Dave Lewis from Exeter City Council talks to us about their comedy night and how it’s brought not just laughs but contributed to the culture, heritage and economy of the city.

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Collection: 20-Minute Neighbourhoods

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the lockdowns imposed across the globe put a magnifying glass over local infrastructure – in many cases exposing gaps and inequality. The result has been renewed enthusiasm for 20-minute cities, which prioritise local access to services. In this collection, we dive into the urban planning ideal to provide a local government…

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Vulnerable young people: why they are missing out on education and care?

Vulnerable children and young people are failing to receive support due to teacher shortages and problems in the care system. Some appear to have disappeared off the radar of schools and local authorities. This new briefing looks at the key issues and suggests what needs to be done.

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Up to standard? The condition of social housing in the UK

Damp and mould problems have made headlines in recent months but are most UK social housing really in such bad conditions? This briefing looks at how many homes are up to standard, including fire safety and energy efficiency, and what can be done to those requiring improvement.

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Centralisation Nation – report by Centre for Cities and Resolution Foundation

For 15 years, the UK economy has stagnated, especially outside London and the south east. International evidence suggests economic under-performance is linked to England’s centralised state. This briefing analyses a report from Centre for Cities and the Resolution Foundation which makes a case for radical reform of local economic governance, responsibilities and funding.

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Teachers’ round-up – entry and early career paths

In this teachers’ round-up, we look at developments in entry and early career development in the teaching profession in England. England is embarking on radical changes to initial teacher training. This briefing looks at the detail.

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All things England: it’s tough all over

Finance, levelling up, migration, housing, health and the environment: It’s a challenging stage for English local government. LGIU has news, views and resources to help you through it.

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