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Net zero neighbourhoods: Innovative investment at the local level to transform urban living

We chatted with Rufus Grantham, the originator behind net-zero neighbourhoods, aiming to revolutionise 100 European cities by 2030. Transitioning from finance to sustainability, Rufus innovated a model blending private finance with urban retrofitting and suggests that community-wide approaches led by local government are key to sustainable transformation and reaching net zero goals.

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Explainer: Getting to know housing in England

This explainer provides a detailed introduction to local authority housing issues; key topics covered include homelessness, house building and renting. It is written with new councillors in mind but should also be useful to others new to local government or wanting to find out more about housing in England in 2024.

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Social value and the new Procurement Act – evolution or revolution?

There is growing interest in procurement as a strategic lever to deliver policy objectives such as levelling up and carbon reduction. This briefing explains forthcoming changes for social value arising from the Procurement Act 2023 and provides examples of how councils can include social value in contracts.

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LGIU guide for new councillors

Becoming a councillor is an exciting time but can also be daunting. This short guide provides information and advice for our new councillor members to help navigate through the initial period in this critical role.

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New councillor? LGIU is here for you

Whether you’re a brand new councillor or an old hand, LGIU is here to support you to deliver for your local residents. LGIU Chief Executive Jonathan Carr-West explains how new councillors can start benefitting from LGIU now.

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Local elections 2024: Live updates

Keep up-to-date with England and Wales local elections 2024 through LGIU. We’ll provide regular live updates as the results come in, along with commentary and analysis about what this means for the local political landscape.

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Thank you to electoral staff

It is often overlooked how much our democracy depends, in a very practical way, on local government staff. Jonathan Carr-West extends his thanks to electoral staff who make elections, like the ones in England and Wales on 2 May, possible.

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Speaking for the community – how representative are local councillors?

Councillors speak for the local communities, but how representative are they of the residents who elect them? This new briefing looks at a study into the characteristics of councillors in London by the Migrant Democracy Project, which has lessons for local government in other parts of the UK.

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Putting children first: Local government strategies for special education needs

SEND provision is in crisis as local authorities are finding it almost impossible to meet their obligations, mainly due to a lack of resources. This briefing considers the current position and possible ways forward, with examples of innovative ways that local authorities are tackling this difficult issue and will be of interest to everyone working…

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