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Climate change’s untold health story

In this article, Oxfordshire County Council’s Director of Public Health, Ansaf Azhar, discusses the focus of his annual report – the impact of climate change on health.

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The state of leadership in English local government

In light of the tumultuous times facing local government in England, the Social Market Foundation has conducted research on the current state of leadership and management in local government across the country. This article unpacks the research findings.

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Giving kids a chance: Supporting children who risk missing out in 21st century Britain

Cuts in education and children’s services mean many youngsters risk missing out, however, it is not all doom and gloom. A new briefing sets out the bleak picture across the UK but also highlights efforts made by schools and local authorities to improve the experience of children and young people.

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Empowering modern fathers: how can local government pave the way for active fatherhood?

This briefing emphasises the critical role fathers play in their children’s education, suggesting that their involvement leads to better outcomes. It highlights opportunities for local councils to support father engagement through initiatives like reading groups and partnerships with schools. Ultimately, underscoring a gap in dad-specific policies and programs.

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How can local government better support fathers?

The Fatherhood Institute works to build a society which prepares, respects and assists men as involved fathers and caregivers. We spoke to Dr Jeremy Davies, Deputy CEO, about the organisation’s work and how local authorities can help participate in the agenda to integrate fathers better into their role across family life and education.

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English local government: The landscape after the 2024 local elections

This report takes a look at the English local government landscape after the 2024 local elections. We look region by region with maps depicting council control before and after the elections, as well as exploring the Combined Authority, PCC and London Assembly picture.

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Explainer: The planning system in 2024

Planning is one of the most important duties of any councillor – the process of making decisions about the future of our communities and meeting the economic and housing needs of local areas while ensuring both the environment and residents are not negatively impacted. Yet many new councillors come into office knowing very little about…

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