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Women’s safety in events and the night-time economy

This briefing considers how local authorities might address women’s concerns over safety surrounding violence, harassment and intimidation in the evening and night time economy and at larger events.

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Collection: Tackling inequalities

This collection brings together LGIU’s content on tackling inequalities at the local level. It presents resources across a range of different inequality topics including, gender, housing and homelessness, poverty, youth and health.

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Of witchcraft and wanderlust: 10 lessons in dark tourism for local government from Salem, Massachusetts

Expert in the relationship between local government and dark tourism, Dr. Beth Wielde Heidelberg from Minnesota State University outlines the lasting legacy of Salem’s dark history and how the town’s local authority, past and present, has embraced the full history. Here’s what others can learn from their approach.

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Is local government haunted? Definitely…

In this article, Professor Kevin Orr from the University of St Andrews overviews his research into ‘organisational ghosts’ – enduring influences or figures with histories, biographies and legacies that stay with us. He argues that those in local government are no exception to hauntings and asks what we can learn from these organisational spectres.

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A system wide analysis of local government finance in Italy

The LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre is exploring how local government is funded in different countries as part of ongoing work to develop new ideas and solutions to tackle long-standing problems. This report takes an in-depth look at the system in Italy.

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