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Key takeaways from the LGIU@40 research symposium

The LGIU research symposium allowed us to reflect on our findings with experts, to map out the future of our research agenda and local government. In this article, we have taken the event’s rich ideas and narrowed them down to three core areas: Where are we now? Where should we be going? How do we…

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LGIU@40: For the Future of Local Government

This manifesto details what we believe needs to happen to set local government on the right path to be the sustainable and effective force we all need. It is based on research the LGIU has undertaken over the last decade and on a programme of in-depth conversations with our members.

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Local government’s role in promoting intergenerational communities and care

This briefing examines the role that local government can play in promoting intergenerational activities that can benefit whole communities with respect to social care and community cohesion.

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Knitting together generations in South London

Judith Ish-Horowicz is a dynamic community activist who has been advocating for intergenerational practice in care and community services. LGIU’s Head of Content visited the first UK co-located care service to find out more.

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Destitution in the UK 2023 – Joseph Rowntree Foundation report

New JRF research has found that 3.8 million people in the UK are destitute, including 1 million children. Destitution has risen sharply over recent years, despite government action to boost incomes during the Covid-19 pandemic and cost-of-living crisis. This briefing looks at these alarming findings and potential policy implications.

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England policy round-up: October and November 2023

Our England policy round-up overviews the key policy announcements and publications for local government. October and November saw the King’s speech, a reshuffle and the Autumn Statement. The latest edition features publications on levelling up towns and cities, reform of public finances, a new approach to social security and much more.

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Inspiring business leaders in schools

This briefing presents case studies of collaborative programmes to promote entrepreneurial and business skills in schools. Some programmes are led by the private sector, some by schools and some by local authorities.

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