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Designing better access to insight


Image by Ingrid Koehler

The LGiU has been working in partnership with Think Tank Review for a while. This gives our members and stakeholders access to a comprehensive roundup of the best recent thinking on local policy from not just us, but a range of ideas from a variety of sources.

The folks at TTR have been building a database of think tank and research reports. It’s good, there’s nothing else quite like it, but it could be better.  We started having a conversation about what better might look like, but we knew we needed broader input from the consumers of think tank research, the producers, the communicators and the curators.  So we invited people from local government, officers and councillors – thanks Camden, Hounslow, Kent and Wolverhampton. We invited people from think tanks, academia and regulators, too. The NAO, the IFS, Bright Blue, Theos, ResPublica, the RSA, the King’s Fund and LSE.

 We spent the morning thinking about the way that we produce and consume information, what makes a think tank report compelling and effective.  And we also brought these thinkers together to design a better way to access this thinking through a design charrette – a way to facilitate an intense period of collaborative design.



  charrette1 20151209_122006  


They didn’t disappoint. Together we came up with a lot of great ideas for both a bells and whistles approach and a minimum viable product.  We’re thinking about a way that politicians, policy practitioners and researchers can access a variety of insight to make local communities stronger and local areas better places to live.