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David Cameron on localism

David Cameron looked ahead to the publication of the Conservative local government green paper tomorrow (Tuesday) when he appeared on the Politics Show.    He stresses the importance of local economies and we should expect this to be emphasised in the media launch tomorrow.  The extract is below; watch it here

JON SOPEL: And I know on Tuesday, you’re going to unveil some kind of, I think Green Paper, you call it, on localism.Doesn’t everyone agree with localism, doesn’t everyone say, oh well it will be great to hand power down to the lowest level possible.

DAVID CAMERON: Well the trouble is, they might say it, but they don’t do it. I mean we’ve got a government now that has set up this enormous regional bureaucracy, which I think we can get rid of and drive those powers down to the local level. We’ve got a government that issues so many orders and instructions and bureaucratic targets to local government, we can sweep a lot of that away. One of the things we should do in this recession, is try and make sure that we build a stronger, more resilient, more balanced economy for the future, and a more local economy, where we have more local decision making, I think is a very key part of that; so you’ll see a very exciting paper on Tuesday, with huge proposals for decentralisation, sweeping away that regional layer, giving more power to local government, to drive it out to the lowest level, so they can help build those strong economies of the future.