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Global Local In brief: Community planning

We cap off our series on community engagement with a look at community planning, examining how wider participation can lead to fairer, more prosperous and inclusive spaces.


In brief: the decline in public toilets

Public toilets were already in jeopardy around the globe before Covid-19 shut down even more amenities. Now, in the aftermath, as funding and resources seem scarcer, communities are turning to local governments for help, as we explored in this newsletter.


In brief: quarterly round-up October 2022

Our quarterly round-up edition of Global Local allows you to revisit your favourite topics – and gives our new readers a chance to catch up.


In brief: Community engagement through tech

Our free version of the Global Local edition on community engagement. LGIU corporate members and Global Local subscribers can see the full edition here.


In brief: Workforce planning

The free version of Global Local looking at workforce planning to support local government. With fresh new global insights.


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