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CPSP and LGiU partnership


Big news for the LGiU this week, we are launching a new partnership.   Here are the details:

The Centre for Public Service Partnerships (CPSP) and the Local Government Information Unit (LGiU) are joining forces in January 2010.

CPSP is moving from the University of Birmingham to join the LGiU in London as a not for profit social enterprise company under the LGiU umbrella. Called CPSP@LGiU, the new body will be headed up by CPSP director John Tizard and will work with and across local and central government, the NHS, education and the wider public sector. CPSP will still carry on with key projects, such as playing a leading role in developing Total Place.

Tizard said: “This exciting partnership with LGiU provides an [sic] unique opportunity to extend our work with the policy and practice communities as well as to undertake objective research. The LGiU and CPSP agendas are complementary and the synergies are strong. We will address key challenges facing public services, their users, commissioners and providers. We will be concerned with localism and the central-local relationship too. These issues are fundamental to modern public services.”

LGiU chief executive Andy Sawford added: “The LGiU is on a journey to become the leading think tank in the UK. Over the past two years we have grown participation by local councils, at the same time as broadening our work with other public service providers and partners, including the business community. The launch of CPSP@LGiU is a real coup for the LGiU. We highly rate the work of John Tizard and his colleagues and are delighted to form a new partnership that we believe will add greatly to the work of both organisations.”