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Shared agendas: Advancing commonwealth local government cooperation

Over the past three years at LGIU, we have researched and circulated well over one hundred briefing papers on key issues facing Australian governments and communities. This compilation briefing covers eight key topics that have featured prominently in our recent work and aims to help inform further progress in federal-local relations.

Australia Briefing

Health, public health and social care round-up: May 2023

Our easy and digestible health, public health and social care round-up summarises new policy, publications and research that are relevant to elected members and officers. Significant developments this month include changes to the police response to mental health crises, staggering statistics on alcohol treatment and a reaffirmed commitment from the government to adult social care.

England & Wales, Scotland Briefing

Global Local: Think Tank Review May 2023

The monthly Global Local Think Tank review highlights relevant research and policy from leading think tanks around the world. This month: offices to houses, public services digital, Covid recovery fraud, whistle blowing and active travel.

Australia, England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland Publication

England policy round-up: April and May 2023

This policy round-up for England looks at the most relevant and recent announcements and publications during spring – an eventful period which saw local elections in much of England and the Coronation. Government announcements included a Great British insulation scheme and the ‘Pioneer’ programme as the alternative to the EU’s Horizon science/innovation programme.

England & Wales Briefing
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Weekly Policy Roundup 29.05.23

Our weekly policy roundup covering government news and policy developments in Australia.


Scottish Bulletin Issue 2, 2023

These bulletins provide an update on the progress of legislation currently in Holyrood that is of relevance to local authorities in Scotland. In addition, it highlights key devolved matters, open consultations and third party reports.

Scotland Briefing