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IFS Deaton Inequality Review: the distribution of public service spending

In May 2019, the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) launched the IFS Deaton Review on Inequality, described as a “five-year study of the inequalities in society”. This latest briefing covers ‘The distribution of public service spending’ report, published in May 2023. 

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Understanding the role of planning in enabling net zero

This briefing provides a high-level summary of two recently published reports, the Planning Institute of Australia’s (PIA) Achieving Net Zero Report and Net Zero Australia’s Mobilisation report, which both seek to advance urgent action on decarbonisation.

Australia Briefing

New connections for broadband affordability in South London

We’re all increasingly more reliant on digital services, but for some affordability is the biggest barrier. Anna Dent from Promising Trouble outlines the findings of new research on access and affordability and a project with two London boroughs to bridge the gap.

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The demand for housing: what the Census tells us

Not all the returns are in but it is already clear from the 2022 Census that further policy responses will be required to take into account the impact of population changes on the demand for housing. This briefing focuses on the demographic factors, paying particular attention to the recently published Census figures on Housing and…

Ireland Briefing

The cost of producing housing: Recent findings considered

Following the Land Development Agency’s announcement earlier this year to purchase privately owned sites for delivering affordable housing, this briefing explores to what extent this can be done efficiently and at a reasonable cost. It includes insights from two recent reports into the cost of producing new housing.

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What the stats say about your area: the latest ONS place-based statistics and intelligence

Keeping on top of what the ONS datasets tell you about your communities is an important foundation of evidence-informed policy. This briefing overviews England’s recent place-based statistics. It gets under the surface of the Census 2021 releases, explores the evolution of the ONS’s sub-national data explorer (a data repository), and also briefly reviews a selection…

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Obesity – a chronic health and policy problem

Every UK government since 1992 has identified obesity as a major health problem. Yet despite numerous strategies, targets and institutional reforms, obesity keeps on rising. This briefing examines the failure of government policy in this regard, and what policymakers – at national and local level – should do next.

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Child poverty and education outcomes in Scotland

This briefing examines child poverty and the attainment gap in Scotland through the consideration and analysis of reports, papers and initiatives. This briefing will be of interest to everyone working in children and family services.

Scotland Briefing

Give us the power: why community planning needs a helping hand

This briefing explores the recommendations made in the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee report, and considers whether they got it right and what should happen next.

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