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Elections issues for English local authorities 2024

This election briefing covers some essential issues for local authorities during the pre-election period. This includes the publicity code, tackling discriminatory election campaigns, using data during campaigning and the position of elected members who are also campaigning for re-election.

England & Wales Briefing

2024 UK Spring Budget – the highlights for local government

This news briefing summarises the most relevant highlights from the 2024 Spring Budget for local government, including trailblazing devolution deals, new Investment Zones, funding deals to support housing and social care and a public sector efficiency review.

England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland Briefing

LGIU members’ voices on finance in the media

When the LGIU’s 2024 State of Local Government Finance in England report was published, the story that it told of the desperate state of council finances and the consequences for public services was covered in-depth across the major news outlets.

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