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Malmö Summit: a short personal reflection

In this blog, Ingrid Koehler reflects on her experience at the Malmö Summit, exploring the key role of local governments globally in sustainability action and the challenges they have to overcome to develop and implement innovative policies.

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Social inclusion in climate resilience planning

This blog highlights perspectives on integrating gender and social inclusion into climate resilience planning in India, Bangladesh, and Ecuador, based on a virtual event at the ICLEI World Congress 2022.

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Poll: What are the most essential skills for councillors?

We want to find out which skills our members and followers believe are the most essential for councillors to help them thrive in their roles. Vote now in our poll to give us your insights into what makes an effective councillor. 

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State of the Locals on Friday morning

Your morning round-up from the LGIU team with what you need to know from the local election results thus far.

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And here we go again… behind the scenes of local elections

Ahead of tomorrow’s election Peter Stanyon, Chief Executive of the Association of Electoral Administrators, discusses all the behind the scenes hard work that goes into carrying out these local elections.

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Tiny houses: a neat homelessness solution or a reminder of the problem?

As the ‘self-built tiny house tour’ genre of videos remains highly popular, it’s easy to see the appeal of these dwellings, with their low-cost builds, cool space-saving tricks and minimalist, cosy interiors. But can these tiny houses actually contribute to alleviating housing security for those who need it most, or is the popularity of tiny…

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