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Trauma-informed services: Context and benefits

The growth of trauma-informed practice in health and social care has evolved rapidly in the last several years and is now being effectively integrated into services and support structures globally. How did this movement begin and how has it developed?

England & Wales, Global Briefing

Do emissions-controlled zones work? A review of the results

For the first time, emissions-controlled zones have been floated as a possibility in New South Wales, however, they are not a novel idea and have been implemented elsewhere for over two decades. This briefing explores the evidence from other countries and the various pros and cons they offer to factors like health, environment and economy.

Australia, England & Wales Briefing

Economic inactivity – who are the UK’s missing workers?

Nearly nine million people in the UK are economically inactive. Attention has focused on the ‘great retirement’ during the pandemic, however, the data reveal a more nuanced picture, with different factors in play across age, gender and geography. High rates of inactivity are bad for individuals and the economy, as this briefing explores.

England & Wales, Scotland Briefing

Tackling the challenges of FOGO collection services

This briefing provides an overview of the introduction of FOGO (Food Organics Green Organics) collection services in Australia, with a particular focus on some of the challenges or barriers and ways local governments are overcoming these, in conjunction with state governments and the waste industry.

Australia Briefing

Backgrounder: Housing

This backgrounder provides a detailed introduction to local authority housing issues; key topics covered include homelessness, house building and renting. It is written with new councillors in mind but should also be useful to others new to local government or wanting to find out more about housing.

England & Wales, Scotland Publication

Who runs the councils in No Overall Control?

English local elections were held on the 4 May 2023.  There are now 91 councils across England in “No Overall Control”.  We take a look at what this means in practice. 

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