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Building better: inclusive planning to create spaces for everyone

This briefing highlights the importance of inclusive planning in creating public spaces for all, particularly for traditionally underserved communities. It sheds light on the challenges faced by trans and non-binary people, who are disproportionately affected by violence and social exclusion and provides recommendations for councils to support and engage with this community.

England & Wales, Global, Scotland Briefing

Lessons in partnerships from the Northern Councils Alliance

This briefing looks at the Northern Councils Alliance as an example of what can be achieved when local governments commit to ongoing collaboration to benefit their entire region, and explores the key features that have underpinned the alliance’s success to date.

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Emergency call: How councils are flagging up Scotland’s housing crisis

During the past nine months, three local authorities in Scotland have declared a housing emergency – other councils may follow soon. This briefing looks at the reasons for the emergencies declared so far, the steps that councils take next and possible solutions.

Scotland Briefing With case study

English councils’ financial distress – how bad is it really?

This briefing examines the fragility of local government finances in the context of the DLUHC Select Committee report, Financial distress in local authorities, and the LGIU’s survey report The State of Local Government Finance in England 2024.

England & Wales Briefing

Navigating the complexities of short term rental accommodation: A global perspective

This briefing examines the global debates surrounding short-term rental accommodation and its impact on local economies, housing markets, and community character. It provides background on the issue through the analysis of 18 case studies, emphasizing local government’s role as a regulator in measures such as volume restrictions and enforcement.

Australia, Global Briefing With case study

Community planning in Northern Ireland: Unfulfilled potential?

In 2015, local government in Northern Ireland was reformed, providing councils with new powers in community planning. This briefing explores the role played by community planning in the reformed local government system in Northern Ireland.

Ireland, Northern Ireland Briefing

Are we ‘Closing the Gap’ on Indigenous disadvantage?

This briefing examines the progress of the Closing the Gap initiative in addressing Indigenous disadvantage. Following two major reports, it evaluates current strategies’ effectiveness and identifies improvement areas to achieve better outcomes for Indigenous communities. The purpose is to promote awareness, discussion, and action on issues of Indigenous inequality and support efforts to address them.

Australia Briefing
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What is reunification in children’s social care? And how to improve the outcome

This article explains what reunification is and why it’s important. It highlights the potential and problems associated with reunification, and provides research-led recommendations for local authorities to improve reunification practices.

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Transforming children’s social care in the UK: An overview and comparison of approaches

This briefing discusses ongoing social care reforms in the UK, focusing on children’s social care. It considers the impact of being “looked after” and the reasons why children enter care. The briefing also notes the differences in policy, legislation, and definitions of looked after children in the UK and highlights the need for appropriate foster…

England & Wales, Scotland Briefing
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Breaking the cycle: how local government can support the families of people in prison to reduce reoffending

This briefing discusses the issue of reoffending among released prisoners and the importance of family support in reducing recidivism. It also touches upon the challenges prisoners face in reintegrating into society after release and the role of local government and their partners in assisting in the rehabilitation of families impacted by imprisonment.

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