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Conservatives crash the Labour/SNP party


Image by John Mounsey from Pixabay

Live from the counting hall floor in Glasgow, LGiU Scotland Director Andy Johnston sums up the day so far.

The story of the day seems to be that the Conservatives have crashed the Labour versus SNP party. Labour was predicted to do badly, but it also seems that the total dominance of Scottish politics threatened by the SNP has receded. In fact, the SNP have lost seats to the Conservatives in Dundee and Perth and Kinross.

In addition, Scotland retains a healthy number of Independents who hold power. Independents are usually dominant in the islands, but this year both the SNP and Greens have made small inroads, which may indicate a shift in loyalties. Of course, the smaller parties are helped by the single transferable vote system used for Scottish local elections.

Turnout has been patchy but certainly not as low as feared, and plenty of Scots have had their say.

So, a good turnout, a more plural contest, including a win for The Rubbish Party in East Ayrshire. Brexit and Indyref 2 have clearly been influential, but the new councillors that fought on national issues will soon have to address the tasks they were actually elected to perform.

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