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Competition time: Town Hall-iday Snaps


Photo by Lizzie Greenhalgh

Fellow local govvies if you’re anything like us, no holiday is complete without the obligatory visit to some local government offices or a splendid town hall.

Maybe like us, too you get a bit of derision from your family and friends for your obsession with snapping photos of foreign municipalia.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, we want to celebrate the season of town hall visiting by helping you share your town hall snaps with the whole world.  We’d love to see piccies in three categories

1. The glorious edifice

A beautiful image of a town hall in all its glory, capturing the splendid artistry of municipal architecture. Modern or old. Quirky or traditional. Send them all.

2. Don’t block the cupola

A picture of you or your loved ones in front of town hall – for scale, of course.

3. The #municipelfie

Trending on Twitter…soon – the #municipelfie is the selfie in front of the town hall.  All the cool kids are doing it; so we have been reliably informed.

Win Fabulous Prizes

And the prize…well – fame, glory, a signed copy of Municipal Futures? Maybe we’ll come up with something even better.

To enter:

Email your photos to [email protected] or tweet them @lgiu and/or hashtag them #townhalliday before Friday 5 September.

Ideally these will be pics from this summer holiday, but realistically, we’re probably not going to check.