Community Planning in Scotland website now live

Eileen McMillan, Senior Health Improvement Officer at NHS Health Scotland, tells us about the new Community Planning website now live at

NHS Health Scotland and the Improvement Service have launched a new web facility to support Community Planning Partners (CPPs) and Health & Social Care Partnerships (H&SCP). The aim is that the new resource will support people working in local areas to deliver transformational and operational level change and, as a result, improve outcomes for individuals and local communities across Scotland.

The Community Planning in Scotland website includes links to online tools and information provided by national improvement agencies, as well as the contact details of who to speak to from these agencies if you would like to access tailored consultancy and facilitation support. For people who are unsure what type of support they are looking for, requests for input will be co-ordinated between the national organisations and contact made with you as a result.

H&SCPs have a duty to contribute to reducing heath inequalities as one of the National Health and Wellbeing outcomes and have the opportunity to provide leadership and governance around reducing inequalities. They also have a significant role in influencing the protection of people’s human rights. The fulfilment of human rights means that people enjoy autonomy, self-determination and the opportunity to actively participate in decision making that affects their lives – which is at the core of health and social care integration.

In partnership with a number of stakeholders, the Improvement Service and NHS Health Scotland will continue to develop the website to ensure that resources and support available to CPPs, H&SCPs and other public sector partnerships are up to date and relevant.

Further development will be taken to expand the website to share and showcase how partnerships are working, what approaches are being taken to address issues and the progress being made to improve outcomes and tackle inequalities.

It is also planned to develop a webinar programme to enable CPPs, H&SCPs, national improvement agencies and other key stakeholders to share practice and learn from experts. We hope to provide access to the wider evidence base of what works in an interactive format through the portal, working with partners such as What Works Scotland, NHS National Services Scotland and Scottish Government.

As the use of the website expands, the Improvement Service hopes to create and manage vibrant networks on the Knowledge Hub around the Community Planning in Scotland website and ensure it is a useful broker of support and interesting practice for CPPs and other partnerships that contribute to community planning.

Please use and share the website with your colleagues and partners. To allow us to continually update and improve what we are trying to do, we encourage you to provide us with feedback