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Councillors have a vital, yet often unacknowledged, role as champions of their community.  As elected representatives they are the mechanism through which citizens engage and interact with local government. The Community Champion of the Year Award will recognise the members who best fill this role and who tirelessly go out of their way to engage and consult the community.

The role of community champions is instrumental up and down the country. In rural and urban areas alike there are councillors who go that extra mile in support of a cause they know is important to the community they serve. Though it may be hard to quantify, or to describe in simple terms, the benefits for citizens of knowing that their views and the needs of citizens are actually being listened to are huge.  When budgets are tight and targets need to be met it might perhaps be easy to let the “non-essentials” slide.

Community champions, through their efforts, help to ensure that the democratic link  between citizen and council remains strong.  The LGiU and CCLA C’llr Achievement Awards will acknowledge this important work. The winner of the Community Champion of the Year Award will be a councillor who has consistently championed the cause on behalf of their community, visibly engaged citizens in the decisions that affect them, demonstrated an understanding of the diverse views and needs within the community; and worked closely with community groups and activists.

C’llr Jean Stretton (pictured) won the 2013 award for her inspiring work to help her community in Oldham recover following a gas explosion.

Applications only take 15 minutes to make so please show your appreciation by nominating an outstanding councillor today. The deadline for nominations is 31 December 2013.