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The 21st Century Councillor in Irish Local Government – AILG 2024 Conference

In this short article, LGIU’s Head of International Operations, Hannah Muirhead, shares some key highlights from the 2024 Association of Irish Local Government annual training conference. The event focused on the 21st Century Councillor in Irish Local Government and delved into some key developments in Irish local government in the year of local elections.

Ireland, Northern Ireland

A post-conflict role for local government in Northern Ireland

In a region where ethno-nationalist conflict continues to dominate society, culture and governance, this article explores the role of Northern Ireland’s local government in peacebuilding efforts. Highlighting three areas which exemplify the importance of local government’s role in reconciliation.

Ireland, Northern Ireland
Members & Global Local

NIMBYs vs YIMBYs: can local government reconcile the great housing debate?

Housing is one of the most fraught issues on the political agenda everywhere. On either side of one contentious issue – building houses to meet growing population needs – is NIMBYs vs. YIMBYs (no/yes in my backyard). So what’s the answer? How do we reconcile two very different views at the local level? This briefing…

England & Wales, Global

Championing improvement in Scotland’s planning system

Public service reform is an ever-increasingly important aspect of work across the sector, no more so than in spatial planning. This think-piece from Craig McLaren, National Planning Improvement Champion, Improvement Service, outlines the provisions of the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019, with respect to planning in 2024.


Lessons from the lived experience of care leavers

In this article, David Graham, National Director of The Care Leavers’ Association, provides advice on improving the quality of life for care leavers. The charity, set up in 1999 as a voice for people who grew up in state care, also advocates for better policy and practice changes informed by the lived experience of care…

England & Wales, Global, Scotland

Council Tax reform in Scotland: Part one – the basics

This briefing – the first in a two-part series – is essential background reading to Scottish Government’s announcement of an upcoming “fundamental” Council Tax reform. It delves into the unfair and regressive nature of Council Tax, emphasises the necessity for reform, and highlights the key drivers for change in 2024.