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What does a new UK government mean for local government?

This paper explores what Labour and the Conservatives have said about local government over the past few months and since the election date was announced, as we begin to work out what the landscape will look like from the summer onwards.

England & Wales

Threat to democracy: The alarming rise of violence against council staff

Across the UK, a disturbing trend is emerging with a surge in violence and abuse directed towards those who serve at the heart of local communities: council staff and elected officials. This briefing examines case studies on what councils are doing to support staff in the face of rising violence.

England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland With case study

The great housing hijack and the muddled housing supply debate

This think piece from Dr Cameron K. Murray argues against the common view that a lack of homes drives up rents and prices, attributing the housing debate’s persistence to interest groups. It highlights the role of economic equilibrium in understanding housing markets and discusses the historical context of housing issues, emphasising that rising rents and…


125 years of local administration in Ireland

In this think piece, LGIU’s Ireland Commissioner, Dr Seán O Riordáin, reflects on Ireland’s constrained local government system and limited democratic oversight compared to other European nations. Highlighting challenges and opportunities facing the country, he emphasises that a strong local government system is vital for national prosperity.


First 100 days to save local government: General Election 2024

LGIU is calling on all parties and candidates in the upcoming 4 July UK general election to make a commitment to save local government. Our proposed reforms have been developed from a decade of research and in-depth consultation with over 60 leaders and chief executives in UK local government. It’s time to listen to those…

England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland

Net zero neighbourhoods: Innovative investment at the local level to transform urban living

We chatted with Rufus Grantham, the originator behind net-zero neighbourhoods, aiming to revolutionise 100 European cities by 2030. Transitioning from finance to sustainability, Rufus innovated a model blending private finance with urban retrofitting and suggests that community-wide approaches led by local government are key to sustainable transformation and reaching net zero goals.

England & Wales, Global, Scotland

Thank you to electoral staff

It is often overlooked how much our democracy depends, in a very practical way, on local government staff. Jonathan Carr-West extends his thanks to electoral staff who make elections, like the ones in England and Wales on 2 May, possible.

England & Wales