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Local government champions for locally-led New Green Deals

An accelerating ecological crisis is both a cause for the utmost concern and an opportunity for localism. This briefing argues that now is the right time for local government to showcase and support facilitative, democratic leadership for sustainable change.

England & Wales, Global, Northern Ireland, Scotland

It’s only a matter of time: Accessibility and the 15-minute city

This briefing explores a common critique associated with the 15-minute city model. In its various iterations, from the 30-minute to the 15-minute, and even the 5-minute city, speed matters: but who does it serve? And how can its adoption engage the meaningful participation of all citizens?


What’s the new Office for Local Government all about?

In this article, Dr Andrew Walker, LGIU’s Head of Research, discusses the updates (or lack of) surrounding the aloof Office for Local Government. He poses some straightforward questions about the purpose of this new government office, what it may mean for trust in local government and how it will differ from the DHLUC.

England & Wales
Members & Global Local

Summer holidays: fun and carefree, or unwelcome pressure for families?

School holidays can be a stressful time for parents, however, local authorities can mitigate some of the pressures. As this briefing explores, they can deliver schemes and use central government funding to ensure that families have access to food, childcare and enrichment activities, with a particular focus on those who have less income.

Scotland With case study

Revising the National Planning Framework

The National Planning Framework has proven to be quite the thorn for local government which is why many are supportive of the Irish government’s plan to revisit and renew the framework in 2024. This think piece reviews the current issues and explores the intent and potential outcome of the upcoming review process.


Halfway to the 2030 agenda for sustainable development

Ahead of the 2023 Sustainable Development Goals Summit in September, this briefing revisits Australia’s sustainable development commitment and the central imperative of sustainable development in localisation to support national and global goals.