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Interview with Oxfordshire County Council: pioneers in local climate action

Oxfordshire is standing out as a pioneering force in climate action. We chatted with the Corporate Director for Environment and Place, Bill Cotton and the Head of Climate Action, Sarah Gilbert, to share their insights with local government colleagues, near and far, who are keen to pick up the pace in adapting to a changing world.

England & Wales, Global With case study

How chief executives work with councillors

We spoke to council chief executives in Ireland, Scotland and Australia to find out what it takes forge a leadership team with councillors.

Australia, Global, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland

Expanding digital access in rural areas – Digital Donegal

Rural areas often face barriers to accessing today’s digital society. LGIU Ireland hears from Brian Boyle, Head of Information Systems in Donegal County Council, to understand how local governments can provide the UN-recognised right to internet access.

Ireland, Northern Ireland