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Podcast: What’s new at LGIU – 13th June 2024

This week co-hosts Simone and Freya are discussing what it takes to be a councillor, the expectations, the risks, the rewards, and everything in between. They share snippets and insights from first-hand accounts gained from recent interviews with Cllr Award 2023 winners and councillors from all over the world.


Podcast: What’s new at LGIU – 23rd May 2024

This week, we cover the aftermath of the English local elections, the campaign for equality in Ireland’s upcoming local elections, and, of course, the big announcement of the UK general election on July 4th and what it means for local government. LGIU’s resident election expert, Dr Greg Stride, joins them to discuss all the details.


Leading through uncertainty: Shaping Shropshire’s future with Chief Executive Andy Begley

Andy Begley, Chief Executive of Shropshire Council, shares his journey from care assistant to local government leadership. He discusses pivotal career moments, the importance of embracing uncertainty, and the unique challenges facing Shropshire, including service delivery over a large, rural area, an ageing population, and economic development, highlighting Shropshire’s attractiveness for living and business.

England & Wales

Building stronger communities: Insights from Glen Eira’s CEO Rebecca McKenzie

In this interview, Rebecca McKenzie, CEO of Glen Eira City Council, reflects on her experience in local government. She discusses the importance of community engagement, managing relationships with elected councillors, and the essential role of values like respect, trust and public purpose in the local government sector.


How can local government better support fathers?

The Fatherhood Institute works to build a society which prepares, respects and assists men as involved fathers and caregivers. We spoke to Dr Jeremy Davies, Deputy CEO, about the organisation’s work and how local authorities can help participate in the agenda to integrate fathers better into their role across family life and education.

England & Wales, Scotland

Podcast: What’s new at LGIU – 9th May 2024

In this new episode, co-hosts Simone and Freya discuss the LGIU’s Global Local newsletter, from its beginnings to how it’s grown, and what it represents as part of LGIU’s vision for the future of local government everywhere.