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Expanding digital access in rural areas – Digital Donegal

Rural areas often face barriers to accessing today’s digital society. LGIU Ireland hears from Brian Boyle, Head of Information Systems in Donegal County Council, to understand how local governments can provide the UN-recognised right to internet access.

Ireland, Northern Ireland

The big lesson from the Covid-19 pandemic: local authorities are vital

In this article, Richard Machin, a Senior Lecturer in social work and health at Nottingham Trent University, argues that not everything about the Covid-19 pandemic was unprecedented. Instead, the situation demonstrated the vital role local authorities play in supporting the local community and we now need to value that even more going forward.

England & Wales, Global

Islands in the downstream – governance in the Scottish islands

In this article, Adele Lidderdale, PhD Researcher from the Institute for Northern Studies, UHI in Orkney, provides an update on her PhD research into island governance systems and the implications this holds for local government. This research is part of the LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre.

Scotland With case study

Celebrating the first local council clerk week in England and Wales

The Society of Local Council Clerks has launched the ‘Local Council Clerk Week’ – the first celebration of its kind in England and Wales. In this article, they highlight why it’s important to raise the profile of local council clerks and recognise the wide-ranging and critical work they carry out for their communities.

England & Wales

All things Ireland: don’t miss resources in July

July 2023:  we keep you up to date with everything that matters to local government. Find out what you might have missed from LGIU in the last four weeks, including the launch of our annual Cllr Awards Global Local showcase.


The challenge of the migration crisis

The escalating migration crisis is causing major divisions between central and local government, and within and across communities. What can local authorities do to facilitate more cohesive and cooperative approaches to addressing the challenges?

England & Wales