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LGIU offers a platform for local government professionals, researchers, advocates and experts to share insights, perspectives, and best practice on a wide range of topics that matter to the sector. This service provides valuable resources and fosters collaboration within the local government community.

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We sit down with local government leaders, experts, and advocates to glean valuable insights, raise awareness about key issues, and foster collaboration. You will find leaders communicating their vision, experts advocating for specific policies, and stakeholders sharing their experiences. Read our interviews.


LGIU articles are a forum for exploring emerging trends, innovative solutions, and thought leadership. They cover a wide range of topics, including policy, finance, technology, and more. LGIU articles help local government professionals stay informed and contribute to the ongoing debates on important sector issues. Explore articles.

Think pieces

We provide a vibrant and dynamic discourse on local government issues that challenges assumptions and encourages innovative thinking in the sector. We draw on the experiences and perspectives of local government professionals and other advocates to foster a more inclusive and engaged local government community. Read think pieces.


Catch up on the latest LGIU and local government news and hear from experts in the sector to gain insights and stay connected to the broader local government community. Find episodes here or subscribe on your favourite podcast app.

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