Collaborative Working

This new award celebrates a group of councillors who have worked effectively together; we are looking for teams who have undertaken a new project, implemented a new process or better-scrutinised council proceedings. Broadly, nominated teams could include committees, cabinets, councillors working under NOC administrations or other cross-party groups, residential and councillor collaborations, contingents comprised of councillors and external partners such as LEPs, local businesses and NGOs, or other similar groups. The examples given should be innovative, transformative, cost-effective and community-driven.

Self-nominations are accepted in this category.

The team who wins this category will demonstrate that it has:

  • worked successfully to achieve a project or process vision;
  • a strong commitment to transparency, accountability and scrutiny;
  • accommodated different views from the council officers, residents and external partners to deliver the best outcomes for the community and council;
  • exemplar means of partnership working.

Successful submissions should:

  • provide clear examples of work or projects they have carried out that have benefitted residents (internal council structures/processes or outward-facing projects);
  • focus on how the councillors within the team have gone above their statutory role;
  • outline how they have effectively worked together.

Cllr Awards 2020


Image by Chris Reading from Pixabay