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C’llr Awards 2013: Sustainability Champion of the Year

Many people focus on the importance of addressing climate change and sustainability on the global stage. However, severe flooding and storms in parts of the UK this week highlight how significant it is to also tackle environmental concerns at the local level. According to estimates by PWC, the total costs of flooding to the UK this year could reach £1bn. Local governments have a huge role to play in adequately preparing and responding to these flooding cases. It is vital that they are supported and act proactively to tackle them.

More generally, investment in green technology, for example, could spark an explosion of new jobs in areas that are adept at exploiting their natural resources. Local communities are uniquely placed to deliver substantial emission reductions and influence change in the attitude and behaviour of people around them towards caring for our environment.

For these reasons, we feel it is important to recognise and reward those councillors who have made an effort to understand and champion the cause of sustainability at a local level.

Last year, the 2012 C’llr Achievement Award was won by C’llr John Stanton from Stroud District Council. Cllr Stanton used his high level of technical expertise, stemming from his industry experience in the energy sector, to support the development and delivery of a number of projects. For instance, he oversaw the installation of two 50Kw Solar PV arrays on council-owned sports centres, recognising that these locations were optimal in terms of the income received from feed-in tariffs, whilst also taking into account displaced imported energy.

The 2013 Sustainability Champion of the Year will understand the significance of climate change and really champion the cause of sustainability at the local level.

This councillor will demonstrate:

  • That they have continuously championed the cause of sustainability, for example through introducing and publicising sustainability policy.
  • That they practise what they preach.
  • That they can successfully engage other councillors and communities in contributing to the climate change agenda.

Anyone can nominate a councillor they think deserves recognition. All you need to do is fill in one of our Cllr-Awards-2013_nomination-form (Word document).

More information is available here: https://www.lgiu.org/cllrawards/ and you can follow us on Twitter @CllrAwards

C'llr Awards 2013: Sustainability Champion of the Year