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C’llr Awards 2012: Judges’ Special Award for Contribution to Local Government


It is easy to think of political progress in terms of sweeping legislation, dramatic landslide elections, or grassroots movements building an unstoppable momentum on their brave journeys towards seemingly immovable barriers.

The rolling out of universal suffrage, the creation of the NHS, and the various successes of civil rights campaigns show that, undoubtedly, some of the most seminal political events have followed these paths.

But to end our analysis here would be to mistake salience for significance.

Progress is often the result of a thousand small changes; many of the things that we have come to view as intractable elements of our political and cultural landscape only reached their present destination at the end of a slow, winding march.

Accordingly, we would like to show our appreciation of the methodical and incremental nature of good governing with the addition of a new category at this year’s C’llr Achievement Awards: the Judges’ Special Award for Contribution to Local Government.

The councillor who wins this category will demonstrate:

  • longevity of service
  • that?they have held positions of leadership or extra responsibility on the council during their time as a councillor
  • a?significant number of achievements over a period of years – both within the council and community
  • how they have contributed to improved outcomes for their local communities.

If you feel that a specific, long-serving councillor ought to be rewarded for their outstanding contribution to local government, then please show your appreciation by nominating them for this year’s Judges’ Special Award. Anybody can do this by simply completing one of our new, streamlined nomination forms, which can be downloaded, along with further instructions, here.

The closing date for entries in this category is 30th December, 2011.

For more information on the 2012 C’llr Achievement Awards, please visit www.lgiu.org/cllrawards, or email awards@lgiu.org.