England & Wales

Climate Week launches today


Today sees the beginning of Climate Week, “a new national occasion to show how we can combat climate change”.

Over 3,000 events are taking across the UK (you can find ones near you here) and more than 100,000 people have been registered for the Climate Week Challenge – the biggest ever environmental competition in this country apparently.

Looking through the list of activities, it is nice to see councils playing a proactive role in leading many of these activities –  in Oxford for example, the city council will be out in the shopping centre’s giving out “green tips and energy-saving devices’.

At the launch of Climate Week back in November, we noted how good it was to see councils such as Lewisham, Birmingham and Chester championing the role of local authorities in taking action around climate change. It’s encouraging then to see the Climate Week team have created an award for ‘Best Initiative by Governmental Body’ to recognise the importance of local government – there are also awards for ‘Best Local initiative’ and ‘Best Community Initiative’

I’m heading down to the launch later so will be tweeting out the winners – you can follow me on @LGiU