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Children’s Life Chances

Photo Credit: Nigel Brunsdon Flickr via Compfight cc

At the same time that children’s services are placing greater pressure on local government finances, local government finances are placing greater pressure on what we’re able to do for children.

So much of what supports a good childhood and leads to a successful adulthood is under threat.  Early childhood intervention, prevention, culture, leisure and support services for parents have been cut. Are we simply storing up problems for the future?

In a new serial podcast we’re taking a look at what affects children’s life chances and where we can make the difference. We will explore what it’s like to grow up in Britain and the special circumstances that can make childhood more challenging or more rewarding. We will talk to leaders and practitioners, researchers, parents and young people to find out what we can do to improve life chances.

If you would like to take part in the podcast, we’re looking for interviewees now in the areas of:

  • early childhood intervention
  • special educational needs and disabilities
  • teens in crisis
  • supporting improved mental health outcomes
  • transitioning to adulthood
  • children and technology
  • staying healthy

But we’re also keen to hear from LGiU members about what we should focus on in this podcast, so if you have other ideas, please get in touch.. To get involved contact ingrid.koehler@lgiu.org 

Listen to our regular podcast by searching for LGiU Fortnightly in your favourite podcast app or find us here on SoundCloud.