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CCLA Award for Outstanding Contribution to Financial Performance 2014


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In an era of shrinking budgets and increased pressure on public services, enabling the Council to deliver efficiency and value for money whilst maintaining high quality services is one of the most important roles a councillor can play.

The CCLA Award for Outstanding Contribution to Financial Performance will be given to a councillor who has shown consistent commitment to using the council’s resources prudently. They could be a portfolio holder for finance, or a backbencher who has strongly pushed this agenda. They will have ensured that effective strategic and treasury management practices are followed, and that value for money and better services are at the heart of the council’s spending decisions.

Last year we had a fantastic example of this contribution to financial performance in Cllr Maurice Jones from Central Bedfordshire Council. Cllr Jones successfully steered the council through extremely challenging financial times. Working in partnership with residents through consultation, he has budgets that reflected the views and priorities of the people of Central Bedfordshire. Judges were impressed by his ability to “clearly identify the Council’s spending priorities and make difficult decisions where necessary”. Cllr Maurice Jones enabled substantial savings by changing the way the Council delivers services. Over the years since the formation of Central Bedfordshire Council, he reduced the Council’s costs by £40m, whilst also effectively handling the complexities of three councils combining and the disaggregation of the County Council. He furthermore enabled substantial investment in services for disabled adults and social care services for older people.  Read more about past winners of this award here.

We’re looking for a winner of a similar calibre for the 2014 C’llr Achievement Awards. If you know a councillor who has been instrumental in contributing to their Council’s financial performance, then please show your appreciation of their important work by nominating them for the CCLA Award for Outstanding Contribution to Financial Performance 2014.

The awards are open now! Find out how to nominate a councillor here.