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Study of commuting patterns in Ireland and Northern Ireland pre- and post-Covid-19

This briefing explores the impacts of pre- and post-Covid-19 commuting patterns in Ireland and Northern Ireland, as investigated by an inter-university study, supported by local authorities, regulatory bodies and government departments in both Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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How South African local governments can support urban food growing post Covid-19

The City of Cape Town has adopted the Urban Agriculture Policy (2007) and the Food Garden Project to help shape local food systems. This briefing explores various ways to strengthen food security by developing a coherent, systematic food policy and food system strategy.

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Giving the community a say, ‘Planning Vancouver Together’

Early 2019, a team of residents came together and spent six months discussing a new city-wide approach to planning. In July 2019 City of Vancouver council approved the approach and released the ‘Planning Vancouver Together (PVT) plan, a three-year programme to involve the community in the development of the city. The hope is that by…

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Leading edge – local partnerships delivering improved action for net-zero

Having declared a climate emergency and set a target for net-zero, many local authorities are now taking a similar approach to local climate action. Using examples of local climate partnerships, this briefing explores the rationale for engaging in partnership working, the types of partnerships that have been established and the benefits of this form of…

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The future of cities: urban governance in a post-pandemic world

This briefing is one of our new series on towns and cities as we move into recovery. What have been the main effects of the pandemic on cities and how will they respond in the longer term to the impact of Covid-19 on their economies, environment and communities? We look at how cities have coped…

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Governing Metropolitan Regions: Ideas and Lessons from Canada

This briefing looks at metropolitan governance in Canada, with a specific focus on the role of local government. While Canadian cities and municipalities appear better positioned in relation to their provincial (state) masters, some local governments face challenges to their role and status that are similar to those in Australia.

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Recognising the importance of our uplands to our water supply

In the following briefing, we examine the potential for collaboration between communities that are the source of much of our water supplies, taking a specific look at such collaboration in County Kerry.

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Understanding the value of digital transformation for local government

In this briefing, developed as part of a scoping exercise for a potential collaboration between LGiU Australia and Western Sydney Councils examining the value of digital transformation for local government and how to achieve it, LGiU Associate Richard Leeming draws on his experience in the UK to explore the value of digitisation for local governments.

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