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Creating connections: Stirling’s regional digital hubs

Digital connectivity is an increasingly important issue across the world. In this interview, we speak to Steve McDonald, service manager for economic growth culture, tourism and events at Stirling Council, about the Council’s innovative Regional Digital Hubs project.

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Micro-mobility – creating a workable transport alternative

Providing a rough analysis and commentary on three recent or ongoing shared transport schemes in Melbourne, Victoria and Newcastle, New South Wales, this briefing demonstrates how elements of scheme design must be blended effectively to create a workable transport alternative.

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Meeting housing demand on Ireland’s west coast – experiences in the Iveragh Gaeltacht

This briefing paper outlines how and why stakeholders have come to regard the resolution of the ‘housing issue’ as fundamental to a locality’s sustainable development. It describes the efforts being made in County Kerry to enable rural repopulation growth by devising geographically appropriate solutions.

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Minding the gap: the role of councils in tackling digital exclusion

Councils play a vital role in reducing digital exclusion, however, they are dependent on partners to ensure that more people can get online and use digital technology. This briefing explores what is happening to achieve this around the UK.

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Beating the heat in Miami-Dade County: a coordinated approach

As the climate crisis worsens, extreme heat events are becoming an increasingly common across the world. These events pose a serious threat to life as well as to supply chains, infrastructure and economies. Miami-Dade County is one place that is leading the way in addressing extreme heat. In this article Mayor Daniella Levine Cava discusses…

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Researching the role of the Irish councillor in the 21st century

Ireland’s 949 elected councillors are currently participating in a research project that seeks to document their statutory and representative roles. In this briefing, we look at the process to date and the important messages it may give us as we begin to focus on the developing role of the local elected representative in Ireland.

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Sea level rise and the case for managed retreat – The US experience and lessons for Ireland

This briefing explores the technical, financial, and socio-economic issues exercising policy makers as the effect of climate change and ever-rising sea levels bear down and impact on coastal communities. It identifies the issues and ponders whether a policy of managed retreat should be incorporated into a menu of solutions.

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