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Economic development’s vibe shift

In this briefing series, SGS Economics and Planning’s Thomas Walker draws on his own experience forming economic development strategies with local government to explore the changing nature of economic development in Australia.

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What do we do when the economic and social infrastructure of a city collapses?

We have all watched those archaeological documentaries that find abandoned cities from the Mayan, Inca and other ancient societies that, apparently, imploded and left whole cities to be eaten up by the natural world. We discover these ancient, societal collapses when modern day archaeologists and historians unearth them and pontificate on the reasons for the…

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Finland: an individualistic welfare state public sector reform and community wealth building

The briefing provides an insight into how Finland is implementing and advancing policies and practices that aim to progress plural ownership of the economy, including making financial power work for local places; fair employment and just labour markets; progressive procurement of goods and services; and, socially productive use of land and property.

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Just Transition: Lessons from the Latrobe Valley Authority

Australia’s exit from coal as a domestic energy resource has already seen one-third of the country’s coal-fired power stations close, but currently, the government has not implemented a planned strategy for transition at a national level. This briefing looks at a recent enquiry focusing on Latrobe Valley Authority to evaluate the lessons learned so far.

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In conversation with the Council behind the ‘Halloween capital of the world’

The Halloween traditions that we all know and love originated from an old Irish holiday dating back centuries. To explore the history and discover how it has evolved in Ireland today, LGIU’s Thomas Lynch chats with Aeidin McCarter, the person responsible for making Derry and Strabane the ‘Halloween capital of the world’.

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Stepping forward: how councils are responding to the cost-of-living crisis

This briefing looks at what local authorities are doing to help residents through the cost of living crisis. Councils have devised, or are backing, schemes that help people to keep warm, save energy, and feed themselves and their families. Includes case studies.

England & Wales, Scotland With case study

Feeling the heat – tools for greening and cooling

As a result of the urban heat island effect and climate change contributing to warmer temperatures in cities, state and local governments are introducing policies to ‘cool’ cities and this briefing explores the various tools used to build a green infrastructure.

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Short-term Rental Accommodation

MAV and LGiU Australia have partnered to deliver a forum for local government Councillors, officers and senior management on how the proliferation of short-term rental accommodation (STRA) is impacting local housing availability and what levers councils have to respond.

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Learning and sharing lessons from reform of children’s social care

Over five years after the Care Review in Scotland commenced, this briefing explores how the ambitions set out for care experienced children, young people and adults are still to be realised – while also highlighting a range of innovative approaches for local authorities.

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