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The role and impact of TV and film production in local economies

The UK is seeing a rapid growth in demand for original content from studios, broadcasters, and streaming services, leading to an increase in local TV and film production. Despite a shortfall of facilities and skilled crew, the development of new production hubs is attracting investment from both national and local government. This briefing explores.

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The role and importance of local, independent cinemas in communities

This briefing explores how local, independent cinemas play a significant role in establishing a sense of place and providing a personalised, friendly service in communities. They offer social and community benefits, as well as cultural and inclusive advantages. However, they are facing existential challenges and need local government support to survive.

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From multiplex to cosy screens: A case study of local cinema resilience amidst post-covid challenges

Graves (Cumberland) Ltd is a family-owned cinema company that has been in the Cumbria region for almost 90 years. Despite challenges like the Covid-19 pandemic and changing customer habits, the company has remained resilient with a mixed business model. This case study explores how they provide cinema services that are important for local residents.

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Flying the flags: How Liverpool City Council helped host the Eurovision Song Contest

Liverpool City Council’s Claire McColgan, Director of Culture, and Harry Doyle, Cabinet Member for Health, Wellbeing and Culture, discuss Liverpool’s hosting of Eurovision 2023 and the involvement of the city council. It highlights the significance of the Eurovision Song Contest as a major television programme and its impact on local economies.

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Community infrastructure: Missing from the ‘missing middle’ conversation

This briefing examines the need for a refreshed approach to Australia’s community infrastructure planning and funding to keep pace with housing supply increases. It emphasizes the importance of updating planning frameworks and funding mechanisms to empower local governments to deliver essential infrastructure, fostering healthy communities and addressing well-being in urban development.

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Gender-mainstreaming in Wien: equality lessons for local government

A case study of Vienna’s gender-inclusive approach to urban planning, highlighting projects such as the Urban Development Plan, Reumannplatz, and Aspern Seestadt. This briefing explores how a gender-sensitive perspective can address traditional inequities, create safer public spaces and promote environmental sustainability.

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Lessons in partnerships from the Northern Councils Alliance

This briefing looks at the Northern Councils Alliance as an example of what can be achieved when local governments commit to ongoing collaboration to benefit their entire region, and explores the key features that have underpinned the alliance’s success to date.

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Emergency call: How councils are flagging up Scotland’s housing crisis

During the past nine months, three local authorities in Scotland have declared a housing emergency – other councils may follow soon. This briefing looks at the reasons for the emergencies declared so far, the steps that councils take next and possible solutions.

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Local government rewilding initiatives: Best practice and advice

This briefing highlights the importance of effective communication and collaboration for successful rewilding projects, emphasising the need for clear goals, community engagement, and committed local leadership. By sharing best practices and insights from local government this guide aims to inspire and inform efforts to restore and protect natural ecosystems.

England & Wales, Global, Northern Ireland, Scotland With case study