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Reconnect older people through the Age Friendly Ireland programme structures

The following briefing looks at one critical pillar of embedding age friendly thinking into our local policy processes and how this is making a substantive difference to how councils across Ireland approach the opportunities of having an ageing population.

Ireland, Northern Ireland With case study

Five years of the Homelessness Reduction Act: has it made a difference?

The Homelessness Reduction Act is five years old, but homelessness in England is going up, not down. Is the Act partly to blame or are councils doing as much as they can to assist people, thereby limiting rises in homelessness? This briefing investigates.

England & Wales With case study

Dublin City Council implements active travel network across the city

Dublin City Council aims to transform the way people walk, wheel and cycle in the capital. This LGIU article from Dublin City Council provides a background to the development and planning of Active Travel in Ireland’s capital.

Ireland, Northern Ireland With case study

Glasgow City Council – towards the nurturing city

Nurture is foundational for children’s learning and well-being in Glasgow Education Services. To find out more about the background and development of Glasgow’s travel towards the nurturing city, this article from Glasgow City Council provides crucial insights.

Scotland With case study

Closing the loop – lessons on making a circular economy work locally

This briefing explores case study examples of circular economies from across the UK, Europe and North America. It identifies the opportunities and challenges that circular economies pose for the local government sector and other key public policy areas. The author writes that ‘to close the loop, local government need to take a holistic approach’.

England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland With case study

To be or not to be ‘taken in charge’

This briefing explores the Irish local authority “taking in charge” policy and its legal ramifications in a recent High Court judgement. This will be of interest to elected members and staff of local authorities, as well as to Irish Water and other statutory undertakers who carry out works on, over or under public roads.

Ireland With case study