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Time to move on: Scotland can’t wait around for a National Care Service

This briefing looks at the ill-fated National Care Service plan. It considers what needs fixing in Scotland’s social care services, the progress that is already being made, and what difference that £1.3 bn could make to local authorities struggling on the frontline.

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Reflecting on 50 years of community councils in Scotland

In light of the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee session on the 50th anniversary of community councils, this article from the Improvement Service looks at recent developments in Scotland’s first tier of local government.

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Notable practice: LGIU case study roundup March-April 2023

Councils around the world are tackling problems with resourcefulness and ingenuity. LGIU’s round up of case studies, good practice highlights from our exclusive Daily News and. more. From re-wilding to economic development and cost-of-living support.

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Building dementia friendly communities from the pavement up

In the article, Dr Sue Northrop, Director at Dementia Friendly East Lothian, shares insights into the work they are doing in partnership with the Council to improve the lives of those with dementia by aiming to make their communities more dementia friendly overall.

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The role of local government in domestic pet management

Supporting the needs of pet owners and ensuring community safety when it comes to animal management can be a complex task – particularly as cities grow and densify, and community expectations change. This briefing looks at the different ways in which state and local governments approach domestic animals and pest management.

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The challenge of an ageing society: how to be a dementia friendly council

The challenge of dementia is growing for society, linked to an ageing population. This briefing highlights the major leadership role of councils in meeting the needs of people with dementia and in creating communities where people can live safely, independently and well.

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Carlow’s Ru:rban Project

This article showcases Carlow County Council’s award-winning Ru:rban project – delivered by an effective partnership between Carlow County Council Executive and elected members, businesses, community groups and NGOs working in the area of community gardens and allotments.

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