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Gender-mainstreaming in Wien: equality lessons for local government

A case study of Vienna’s gender-inclusive approach to urban planning, highlighting projects such as the Urban Development Plan, Reumannplatz, and Aspern Seestadt. This briefing explores how a gender-sensitive perspective can address traditional inequities, create safer public spaces and promote environmental sustainability.

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Lessons in partnerships from the Northern Councils Alliance

This briefing looks at the Northern Councils Alliance as an example of what can be achieved when local governments commit to ongoing collaboration to benefit their entire region, and explores the key features that have underpinned the alliance’s success to date.

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Emergency call: How councils are flagging up Scotland’s housing crisis

During the past nine months, three local authorities in Scotland have declared a housing emergency – other councils may follow soon. This briefing looks at the reasons for the emergencies declared so far, the steps that councils take next and possible solutions.

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Local government rewilding initiatives: Best practice and advice

This briefing highlights the importance of effective communication and collaboration for successful rewilding projects, emphasising the need for clear goals, community engagement, and committed local leadership. By sharing best practices and insights from local government this guide aims to inspire and inform efforts to restore and protect natural ecosystems.

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Navigating the complexities of short term rental accommodation: A global perspective

This briefing examines the global debates surrounding short-term rental accommodation and its impact on local economies, housing markets, and community character. It provides background on the issue through the analysis of 18 case studies, emphasizing local government’s role as a regulator in measures such as volume restrictions and enforcement.

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Limerick City and County Council – Local Authority of the Year 2023

Limerick City and County Council has been recognized for its exemplary work, receiving the Local Authority of the Year award in 2023. This briefing explores the council’s forward-thinking approach, focused on economic growth, sustainability, community development and cultural advancement, and showcases Limerick as a model of progress for other regions to emulate.

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Community Planning in Fermanagh and Omagh District Council

Alongside a briefing from Professor Colin Knox appraising community planning in Northern Ireland, this article from Fermanagh and Omagh District Council outlines key areas of innovation and deployment of community planning partnerships in local government.

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Friends or foes? Reconciliation within local government

This article spotlights the tension and progression of Toronto’s local government over the past few years as party rivals become partners in spearheading local initiatives for the wider community. What’s that old saying again? Keep your friends close… This case study illuminates why local government should lead by example in a time of increasing polarisation.

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Revitalising Australia’s inner-city industrial land

The stock of inner-city industrial land in Australian cities is declining. This briefing looks at the recent work of the Greater London Authority (GLA) concerning industrial land and co-location, and considers how this type of guidance could be used in the Australian context.

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