England & Wales Climate action and sustainable development

Carbon Trading

The LGiU has taken on the mantle of carbon trading from the RSA through CarbonDAQ. We are developing the website in order for groups – whether its business, schools or sports teams – to take part in local carbon trading. In the Guardian’s Ethical Living blog, Lucy Siegle rightly questions whether we are all ready for this level of carbon accounting. In fact, this is the very reason why we are looking into the community carbon trading model. An evolution of personal carbon trading; it will take the transparency and engagement of a personal trading scheme and bring the support and knowledge of community groups and local authorities to deliver change. People will be in a supportive network, while also experiencing the peer pressure and incentive to manage their carbon footprint. Monitoring carbon emissions can seem daunting. Over time and with the support of others it should become easier. We know that we can all play our part in reducing carbon emissions but we don’t have to do it by ourselves.