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Can we help CLG define what a community is?


The good folks at Eland House have a problem on their hands. The official line is that the Localism Bill has been delayed by “parliamentary congestion”. There’s also speculation, however, that the Bill is being delayed because some of its content is creating a headache for the civil servants. One of the most interesting sticking points is providing a legal definition of what a community is.

In the spirit of seasonal goodwill, we thought we’d see whether Twitter could help the civil servants crack this tricky question. So, Tweeps, we’d be delighted if you’d have a go at defining what a community is in 140 characters. Please use the (slightly inelegant) hashtag #ComDef so we can collate the responses and do something interesting with them. Remember, there’s only two weeks until the civil servants give us their version.

We’d also be very pleased to see comments on the bottom of the blog.