2021 Scottish Parliament election: democracy in unpredictable times

The 2021 Scottish Parliament election will be significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. This briefing covers the current election timetable, the wider impact of the pandemic on the election, the state of the political parties, the parliamentary candidates, and the campaign issues of this election.

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Covid-19 New Year 2021 statistics update

This briefing updates information provided in 2020 briefings (see related briefings) on the main sources of statistics on the Covid epidemic. The focus is on data available on a UK-wide basis, but as before, more localised data sources are signposted.

England & Wales, Global, Scotland

Swift Read: Provisional Local Government Finance Settlement 2021-22

The Provisional Settlement setting out the government’s proposals for council funding in 2021-22 was published on 17 December. We outline the main features, look at the worrying extent to which councils will be reliant upon council taxes for increases in funding, and summarise the Covid-19 support package.

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Think Tank Review

The December 2020  roundup of recent local government relevant reports and publications from leading think tanks in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

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Global Local Executive Panel – December 2020: Pandemic responses

On December 17th 2020, VLGA, LGPro and LGIU were proud to bring to you a panel of global-local government CEOs discussing the impacts of Covid-19 on the operations of council, the impacts for the municipal communities which they serve and to examine what lies ahead as we move toward a post-acute Covid environment.

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