First Nations Voice to Parliament Referendum Question details released

Recently, the Australian Prime Minister announced the wording of the referendum question and draft constitutional amendment for the proposed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament. This briefing outlines the details and the wider implications.


Housing shortages: global crisis, local solution

The incorporation of Modern Methods of Construction (MMCs) has long been heralded as the solution to housing shortages, yet it remains elusive in practical application. This briefing outlines how construction practices attain ‘mainstream’ status; what role local authorities can play to change this; and what risks and opportunities accompany such intervention.

England & Wales, Global, Scotland
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The role of councils in integrated care systems

This briefing looks at the early evidence from reviews of the establishment of the 42 Integrated Care Systems (ICS) across England and the role that local government is playing in progressing and delivering ICSs despite the backdrop of difficulties.

England & Wales With case study

A new framework for economic development: restoring the balance

Economic transformation and an inclusive economy are lofty and worthy goals – but how do we even begin to implement them? This briefing outlines an approach to consider how an economy functions, what that means for thinking locally, and the imperative for restoring the balance between three constituent economic pillars: government, the market, and the community.

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Anyone at home? Second homes and holiday lets in the UK

Higher council tax and licensing are two of the measures being used to tackle the problem of second homes and short-term lets. But how do they help areas that are dependent on tourism? And where house prices are beyond many residents? This new briefing considers the options and implications for local government.

England & Wales, Scotland With case study

How Clare County Council is building up its rural communities: a case study

Clare County Council has recently launched its renewed Rural Development Strategy – following the success of the original 2017 county-wide strategy. This case study showcases the exciting innovation coming from Ireland’s 2022 Local Authority of the Year and offers several lessons and insights into the area of rural development.

Ireland With case study

What do we know about in-work poverty and can local government help?

‘In-work’ poverty is a growing concern across Scotland, UK and Europe. In the face of it all, local authorities need to find new and innovative ways to maintain service delivery despite inflation, the rising cost of living and increased demand for services. This briefing explores the situation and provides some case study examples.

Scotland With case study