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Covid-19 and Planning Responsibilities

The disruption of the Covid-19 outbreak, and the urgent need to redirect attention and resources elsewhere, does not mean that planning responsibilities are on hold – but it does make their delivery substantially harder. This article draws together recent government announcements relating to planning during the outbreak.

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DfE guidance on Covid-19 – England

This briefing is a guide to the guidance and other documentation which has been published by the Department for Education for England by Monday, 4 May on schools, colleges, early years settings and children’s social care.

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Covid-19, Bushfires and Pathways to Recovery

Australia has had to contend with two unprecedented crises over the past six months: catastrophic bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic. This briefing provides a summary and linkages for a report by SGS Economics & Planning examining possible pathways to recovery for local councils.


What lessons can local government learn from Canada’s community-driven immigration programmes?

In recent years, Canada has developed an immigration policy seeing millions arrive, including in rural locations. This is the work of the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP), a partnership and program between federal and local government incentivising more remote and isolated communities to accept migrants. This briefing outlines the role of Canadian municipalities in…

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Swift Read: Being creative – how the arts and cultural sector is responding to Covid-19

Cultural life and participation in creative activities have changed dramatically as a result of Covid-19, and though digital technologies offer alternative ways to participate, the economic risks for the sector are significant. We look here at the creative ways the arts and cultural sector is responding.

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Ça Va Bien Aller: Montreal’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic

Despite Montreal suffering a significant death-toll from Covid-19, there has been a general consensus that the city has done a good job, though challenges remain. This paper analyses Montreal’s response to the pandemic to date.


The Northern Ireland Housing Executive – delivering social housing through times of conflict

Although housing is just as critical an aspect of public policy in Northern Ireland as in other parts of UK and Ireland, local government does not play the same role. Instead, the Northern Ireland Housing Executive possesses unique responsibilities in meeting demand for social housing, which are outlined in this briefing.

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