Child poverty and education outcomes in Scotland

This briefing examines child poverty and the attainment gap in Scotland through the consideration and analysis of reports, papers and initiatives. This briefing will be of interest to everyone working in children and family services.


Local government Australia: Policy roundup, 29th August

Our new ‘bookmark-able’ version of our weekly policy, news and data roundup for Australian local government. This week: better public spaces in NSW, the 2023 Intergenerational Report, and an impasse at Murray-Darling Basin.


Give us the power: why community planning needs a helping hand

This briefing explores the recommendations made in the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee report, and considers whether they got it right and what should happen next.

Northern Ireland, Scotland
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Think Tank Review: August 2023

This edition features reports on the role of small and medium sized enterprises in local economies; the economic impact of public sector relocations municipal finances; and affordable housing solutions. It also features publications covering the health and social benefits of greener neighbourhoods; financial inclusion/resilience; and the debate around whether social assistance programmes should provide cash…

Australia, England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland

Brisbane’s 2032 Olympic Legacy: an opportunity for a rethink

This briefing is focused on Brisbane and its approach to hosting the Olympics. It shares insights and case studies related to inclusive economies, responding to climate change, how we reuse and repurpose infrastructure, social impact, grassroots innovation, and the creation of affordable spaces.

Australia With case study

Housing and planning round-up August 2023

Homelessness is the big issue in this month’s housing and planning roundup, with a record number of households living in temporary accommodation in England. Other stories include regulatory standards, rent arrears, fire safety, permitted development and changes to local plans.

England & Wales, Scotland

Local government Australia: Policy roundup, 21st August

Our new ‘bookmark-able’ version of our weekly policy, news and data roundup for Australian local government. This week: A new $500 million Housing Support Program for councils, a report into a Melbourne council’s AI garbage truck scheme, and the latest figures on public sector wage growth.


The potential of combined authorities: an agenda for ambitious councils?   

This briefing contends that combined authorities have the potential to enhance the strategic role of local government whilst also helping district, unitary and county councils to develop local service delivery. The briefing examines existing practices in London, Manchester, the West Midlands and other combined authority areas. 

England & Wales With case study

Desired future character – What does that mean, and how do we define it?

This briefing explores the term ‘desired future character’, what it means, and how it has been used in the context of the NSW planning system. While this briefing draws on the NSW experience, it offers tips and observations that will be of value more broadly for all those working to manage change in their local…

Members & Global Local

Lessons from Finland’s social and healthcare reform experience

Sharing the preliminary findings from Finland’s social and healthcare reforms, this briefing highlights opportunities for learning from the current experience, especially with regard to financial impacts.

Global, Scotland With case study