Leading edge – local partnerships delivering improved action for net-zero

Having declared a climate emergency and set a target for net-zero, many local authorities are now taking a similar approach to local climate action. Using examples of local climate partnerships, this briefing explores the rationale for engaging in partnership working, the types of partnerships that have been established and the benefits of this form of…


Intergenerational Report spells out impact of ageing population

This briefing outlines the findings of the 2021 Intergenerational Report, which lays down the expectations of Australia’s economic climate over the next 40 years, recognising that these issues are critical for local governments to engage with, as they are for State and Federal Governments alike.

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The future of cities: urban governance in a post-pandemic world

What have been the main effects of the pandemic on cities and how will they respond in the longer term to the impact of Covid-19 on their economies, environment and communities? We look at how cities have coped and are adapting as we head into recovery.

Australia, England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa

Swift Read: Better housing, better health

Good housing is critical to people’s health and well-being. How can professionals in housing and public health work together to ensure that more people don’t just have somewhere to live, but the opportunity to become healthier?

England & Wales, Scotland

Governing Metropolitan Regions: Ideas and Lessons from Canada

This briefing looks at metropolitan governance in Canada, with a specific focus on the role of local government. While Canadian cities and municipalities appear better positioned in relation to their provincial (state) masters, some local governments face challenges to their role and status that are similar to those in Australia.

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Health, public health and social care round-up: June 2021

Catch up in what has been an extremely busy month with the latest policy announcements, responses from the sector and research and publications in our latest health, public health and social care round-up.

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Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee: Air Quality and Coronavirus

This briefing deals with a report published by the Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs Committee (the Committee) to assess whether the Government’s latest Clean Air Strategy published in 2019 and the Environment Bill would be able to meet the air pollution challenge after the pandemic. It will be of interest to members and officers with…

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School Admissions in England – 2021 update

Managing the process of admission of children to schools remains one of the key local government education tasks in England. To support this, there is a School Admissions Code. The Department for Education (DfE) in England has published a revised version (May 2021) of the Code. This briefing looks at the revised Code and also…

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Lasting legacies: lessons from Cities of Culture

This briefing looks at the UK’s City of Culture designation in more detail and profiles the previous City of Culture hosts. Winning cities host a year-long programme of creative events and activities to showcase their cultural offers to the world and bring people together.

Australia, England & Wales, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa