The Northern Ireland Housing Executive – delivering social housing through times of conflict

Although housing is just as critical an aspect of public policy in Northern Ireland as in other parts of UK and Ireland, local government does not play the same role. Instead, the Northern Ireland Housing Executive possesses unique responsibilities in meeting demand for social housing, which are outlined in this briefing.

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Freeports consultation – levelling up or levelling down?

The UK government launched its Freeports consultation in February. The consultation has been extended to July 2020. This briefing outlines the content of the consultation, considers wider evidence on the benefits and challenges of freeports, and suggests considerations for local authorities and other place-based partners inclined to make a response.

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Financial impacts of COVID-19 on Australian local governments

The focus of this briefing is the impact that COVID-19 restrictions introduced by the federal and state governments have had on local government service provision, how local government is supporting their local economies, and how they are dealing with the financial challenges in the short- and long-term.


Tackling Child Poverty: Scotland’s First Year Progress report, 2018-2019

This briefing summarises key policy progress updates delivered by Scottish Government towards achieving the aims set out in the ‘Every Child, Every Chance’ Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan published in June 2019. This briefing summarises key updates, actions taken and signposts to relevant resources and funds to provide senior leaders and Members of Local Authorities…

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Size matters: Covid-19 and small charities

Small charities account for 97 per cent of all charities and they play vital roles in meeting specialised and localised needs. All charities are being hit hard by Covid-19 but small organisations face additional challenges. National and local support packages need to recognise the diversity and characteristics of small charities.

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Not normal: closing schools to most pupils and Covid-19: impacts on pupil learning

The Government’s guidance to close all schools, colleges and early years settings to nearly all children and young people in the face of the Covid-19 virus was announced at a Downing Street press briefing on 18 March. This brieing looks at what happended naext, evidence of the effect of length of school year on learning…

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Local government and Covid-19: exit strategies – the timing, the issues

How and when to reduce lockdown restrictions is a pressing issue: what should decide whether a country’s lockdown should be relaxed, and when and how, and who should be making the decisions. There is no blueprint – each country has different criteria and political and social context.

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Swift Read: Covid-19 and addiction – a mutually reinforcing health issue

Covid-19 has had a systematic and profound impact on our health and wellbeing, particularly affecting those living with addiction. This briefing explains the reciprocal relationships between living with addiction and Covid-19 and the importance of dealing with addiction in local government policy responses.

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