Social prescribing physical activity in health planning

Social prescribing offers an opportunity to raise the profile of physical activity in the community and across service sectors, enable more people to access local activities, and for physical activity to be built into health planning. Covid-19 has underlined the importance of this for mental and physical health.

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Children’s Mental Health in the UK and Ireland – recent reports

The need to promote the wellbeing of children and young people during the pandemic and tacking mental health problems has grown during the Covid-19 pandemic. This briefing looks at recent reports on the issue.

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Swift Read: How has Covid-19 impacted Scotland’s wellbeing?

Background In June 2018, Scottish Government and Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) re-launched the National Performance Framework (NPF) which supports a set of National Outcomes against which performance is reported. While a focus on these outcomes is at the core of the Government’s approach in ‘normal times’, it’s safe to say that the times…

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How will technology change health and care?

The King’s Fund published a paper late last year entitled “The digital revolution: eight technologies that will change health and care”. This briefing outlines the King’s Fund’s findings and explores the potential challenges and risks to local authorities and other NHS bodies.

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Covid-19 New Year 2021 statistics update

This briefing updates information provided in 2020 briefings (see related briefings) on the main sources of statistics on the Covid epidemic. The focus is on data available on a UK-wide basis, but as before, more localised data sources are signposted.

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Innovative ways of supporting children and young people’s mental health during the pandemic

Background Public health responses to the pandemic have focused on preventing the spread of the virus, limiting the number of deaths and easing the burden on healthcare systems; the restrictions on daily lives and social contact have had widespread effects, particularly on peoples mental illness. Recent studies have found that people’s mental health worsened following…

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Troubled Families Programme

This briefing examines the Troubled Families Programme (TFP), its impact, recent commentary and the future prospects for the programme. The TFP only ran in England, overseen by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) and run locally by top-tier local authorities through a multi-agency approach. Troubled Families Programme 2012 to 2015 The first…

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