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Spotlight on innovative approaches to libraries in Europe: insights for the UK

UK libraries are currently facing a crisis but it doesn’t have to be this way, the pandemic has amplified the need for community spaces and digital learning areas – giving libraries untapped potential if reimagined with the correct care and investment.

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The evolving role of libraries in communities

This briefing will look at why it is essential for local governments to aid the transition to digitalised platforms, and how this can be done through infrastructure and operational activity changes. It also looks at the trends in library service delivery.

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Libraries in Lockdown: Connecting Communities in Crisis – Libraries Connected Report

The report Libraries in Lockdown: Connecting Communities in Crisis highlights how libraries supported their communities and the vulnerable during the first lockdown through a multitude of online events and calls to local people who were shielding, repositioning libraries as information gatherers and community stewards.

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Public libraries and leisure services: survival and mapping out their role in recovery

Many leisure facilities find themselves in a challenging position financially, but both libraries and leisure services are well placed to support the recovery of local places. We examine the current landscape, how public library and leisure services have adapted to Covid-19, and the strategic issues and challenges ahead.

England & Wales, Scotland With case study
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Public libraries as generators of community value and economic activity

Local governments fund the vast bulk of public library operations across Australia. This briefing looks at public libraries as generators of not only significant community value but economic activity in their local economies, through library operating expenditure and spending of library users.


The Role of Public Libraries as Vehicles for Social Inclusion: Lessons from Canada

Libraries provide the perfect environment for social inclusive policies to be tested and implemented. Given the important role played by libraries and Canada’s rich multicultural heritage, this briefing will assess the role of public libraries in this integration effort, and outline how these developments could be applied to Ireland.


Evidence review of the economic value of libraries

This report was commissioned from BOP Consulting by Arts Council England (ACE)The Evidence review of the economic value of libraries is the first step in attempting to understand the economic contribution of library services. It concludes that monetary valuation cannot do justice to the real economic contribution of libraries. Trying to use monetary valuation for…

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