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Traineeships: Funding Reform in England – BIS and DfE consultation


Traineeships are a government-funded programme, first launched in August 2013, intended to provide support in acquiring work experience and workplace skills to young people who require extra help with the transition into employment

Feedback through subsequent months has led the Government to adjust aspects of the programme, but it is yet to finalise its approach to the funding of Traineeships. In June 2014 BIS and DFE launched a consultation – Traineeships: funding reform in England – outlining options and proposals relating to this. The consultation closes on 14 August 2014.

Traineeship funding is currently delivered using the same arrangements as for further education, rather than having its own specific approach. The consultation proposes that training providers are funded based on the trainee’s progression into a job, apprenticeship, or further learning.

This brief provides an overview of the development of Traineeships to date, before moving on to outline the proposals contained and questions asked in the latest consultation.

This briefing is of interest to elected members and officers of local authorities becoming training providers and as employers, young people interested in Traineeships, and schools, charities and voluntary organisations that work with young people.

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