The LGiU, in partnership with Mears, The British Red Cross and Camden Council have launched a new guide on how to map preventative budgets.

For a long time, an emphasis of investment in preventative services has been a part of the political consensus. “Prevention is better than cure” is age-old adage, but putting this into practice can prove more challenging. Councils often do not have a clear understanding of how much of their budgets is spent on prevention, how this contributes to the delivery of outcomes and what this means for increasing their activity towards early action programmes.

Our new publication aims to provide insight into some of these challenges by highlighting the approach we employed in a pilot in Camden council. Our guide sets out the step-by-step process that was taken to analysing Camden’s preventative budgets.

This briefing should prove relevant to all those interested in the preventative agenda, including those working in adult social care, public health, housing, culture and the environment and children, schools and families.

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