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The Private Rented Sector: Communities and Local Government Select Committee


• The House of Commons Communities and Local Government Select Committee (“the Committee) has published its report of its inquiry into the private housing rented sector (“The Private Rented Sector”).

• The market has seen sustained and consistent growth in recent years, but needs help to near maturity. This requires a careful balancing act and action across a number of different areas, not to upset the market developing naturally.

• Councils need to be given the flexibility they require to enforce the law and raise standards. While letting agents should be subject to the same controls as their counterparts in the sales sector.

• If standards in the sector are to be raised and pressure on rents reduced the Government needs to increase supply across all tenures of housing. While the benefits of its support for ‘higher-end’ build-to-let developments needs to be extended across the sector as a whole.

• This briefing will be of interest to cabinet portfolio members and senior officers with responsibilities for housing and regeneration in all tiers of local government.

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