Australia Economy and regeneration

Strategies for driving economic regeneration, regional productivity, and innovation


This is the second briefing in our series on the nexus between governance, recovery, and economic transitions. Dr Anne Tiernan explores strategies for driving economic regeneration, regional productivity, and innovation.

It reviews research and emerging economic thinking about the enablers of economic growth outside of the major capital cities – the primary engines of employment and prosperity over the past decade. It draws on international literature and experience, including post-pandemic recovery strategies, but also on cases and examples being pursued by local communities across Australia. It identifies four transferable lessons to achieve sustainable, inclusive economic growth, tailored to local capabilities and strengths.

Dr Anne Tierney is a past senior public servant in the Queensland Government, has served as Dean of the Griffith Business School and founding Director of their Policy Innovation Hub, and is Principal at Constellation Impact Advisory. Anne is partnering with LGIU Australia to write a series of briefings about the nexus between governance and economic recovery and transition. This is a critical area for local government to consider as it seeks to ‘build forward’ from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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